As professional fashion stylist, 365 Style will provide you with a completely personalized experience. Our services are especially valuable at important times such as making a career change or newly entering the work force, dating, or preparing for a special occasion. We begin by listening carefully to your needs. After discussing your ultimate goals, 365 Style will take into account your physical attributes, lifestyle, and personal fashion preferences to help develop your signature look.

Your initial consultation will include an evaluation of your current wardrobe. This helps us to determine whether pieces should be donated and if some pieces will fit into your new signature look. We know that it will be difficult to part with the comfy sweater that you’ve repaired three times…but we will be there to hold your hand every step of the way, we promise! As your fashion stylist, here’s a list of the steps as to how 365 Style will guide you through your fashion journey

  • Discuss your ultimate fashion goals
  • Consider your budget, lifestyle, body type, and style preferences
  • Assess your current wardrobe
  • Develop your optimal wardrobe
  • Provide guidance through a personal style file with photographs
  • Provide personal shopping, if requested.

After the process of developing your optimal wardrobe is complete, 365 Style is available for ongoing consultation. This includes personal shopping services, special occasion dressing, and ravel wardrobe planning.

Please see base prices below…we can work with any budget. Let us style you!

1 hour Initial consultation: $50 flat fee

This is our opportunity to get to know you! We will discuss your current style preferences and your future goals. Let’s figure out together how 365 Style can help you feel confident with every fashion choice

Closet Evaluation: $50 per hour

We will come to your home go through your closet piece by piece. Based on your future fashion goals, we will determine what pieces you can donate and what pieces will fit within your new wardrobe. This can be a difficult process, but as professionals we will help you make the tough decisions by keeping you focused on your ultimate goal! There may be tears, so tissues will be available at no additional fee.

Personal styling package: $300 flat fee

Each client is different and we want to find your signature look. The personal styling package will be a tangible book that you can reference over and over. It will include notes from our initial consultation outlining what your specific body type is and the styles and looks that best compliment it. It will also have your fashion goals and our plan of action to achieve them. Lastly, it will include a 10 piece fashion board with photographs. You will be able to mix and match these pieces to create a complete wardrobe for any occasion. Outfit suggestions, estimated prices, and specific stores will be included to help you easily locate and purchase the 10 pieces.

Personal shopping for client: $50 per hour

Once your signature style is determined and your budget is set, 365 Style is willing to do all of the leg work. This is the perfect option for busy clients. As personal shoppers, we will put together a cohesive fashion statement that you can be confident in. This can include a complete outfit, meaning apparel, shoes, and accessories for a specific event or 10 piece wardrobe that you can mix and match for any occasion…and everything in between!

Personal shopping with client: $100 per hour

Sometimes you just need a little support! Rest assured that we are here to be your professional shopping wing (wo)man! This can include a complete outfit, meaning apparel, shoes, and accessories for a specific event or 10 piece wardrobe that you can mix and match for any occasion…and everything in between!

Wardrobe photo shoot: $150 per hour

We LOVE styling photoshoots! Our creative vision hinges on the love of vintage flair with a modern twist. We achieve these looks by combining street sophistication with vintage accents and trendy styles. We take the vision and criteria of our clients and put the 365 Style signature stamp on it. We will provide all wardrobe needs, including apparel, shoes, and accessories. Hair and Makeup artists can be included at an additional cost. A link to our 365style Portfolio is available upon request.

Let us style you! Contact us at for any questions or inquires.

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